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Backup ITunes IPhone Remove Duplicates

Backup ITunes IPhone Remove Duplicates

iTunes gained a loyal following when it first saw the light of day and, as we said, is still enjoying its position today. Descent has also benefited from improvements such as iPod, iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Users today love to listen to songs on one or more of the mentioned devices and often have a large collection of songs. These collections can last for over 10 years (or more) and can be viewed by users as valuable items.

Over time, duplicates have formed in this collection of songs. This is mainly due to the fact that users collect songs from other sources without properly organizing their song collections. This often results in many songs being downloaded multiple times due to incorrect titles. When a user tries to repeat a specific song, it cannot be found because the song title is wrong or is distributed elsewhere

ITunes data backup and deduplication.

Step 1. Merge iTunes media files.

Step 2. Find duplicate music.

Step 3. Back up your files.

Backup Your iTunes Data and Remove Duplicates

We have created this guide to help users deal with repetitive tracks. Let’s see what we can do to deal with duplicating iTunes tracks.

Step 1: Consolidate the iTunes Media Files

The first step is to collect all the songs and move them to the directory. It helps to organize all of your data in one directory called iTunes Media. This directory is located in the C: \ Users \% username% \ Music \ iTunes folder on your Windows system. The following steps describe what you need to do to merge all your media into one directory.

1. In the iTunes user interface, click the Edit menu and choose Preferences.

2.Then click the “Advanced” tab in the window that just opened. Then, when adding library options, check the boxes to arrange the iTunes Media folder and copy the files to the iTunes Media folder. Click OK.

3. Click File, point to Library, and then click Organize Library. In the Library Configuration window, select Consolidate Field. Click OK to save your changes.

Step 2: Scan for Duplicate Music

There is a big problem here. This step is probably the most important part of the entire exercise. Now that you’ve checked all the required boxes, it’s time to look for duplicates in your iTunes collection. This can be done in two ways. To do this, stay in iTunes and do everything yourself. Unfortunately, this method is very limited and does not take into account the content of the song at all. It is also completely up to the user to do it all himself and give all the attention to the title, size, length, etc. of the song.

Here is how you do it:-

1. First, if you suspect any songs on your computer haven’t been added to iTunes Library, you can add them easily by clicking File in the iTunes user interface and choosing Add File to Library/ Add Folder to Library (as it applies).

2. Next, simply navigate to the library and arrange all items alphabetically by clicking the Name column head. This will arrange all similarly named items next to each other.

3. Now you can start looking out for duplicates. Once you find a duplicate, right-click it and select Delete from Library.

4. In the next prompt, click on Delete Song to complete the deletion.

5. If you find a big number of duplicates, you can use the Shift + left mouse click combination to select several songs in a sequence, or Ctrl + left mouse click to select many songs in a non-sequential manner.

1. If you initially suspect that the song has not been added to your computer’s iTunes library, click File in the iTunes user interface and add the file to the Library / Add to Library directory (if applicable). Just do it and add it.

2. Then go to the library and click the Name column to sort all items alphabetically. Place all items with the same name next to each other. Now you can start searching for duplicates. When you find a duplicate, right-click it and select Remove from Library. In the next message, click “Delete Song” to complete the deletion. If there are multiple duplicates, use Shift + Mouse + Left Mouse Button to select multiple songs in a row, or Ctrl + Left Mouse Button to undo multiple songs.

We recommend using the Duplicate File Checker for dealing with a lot of duplicate songs, and especially for more in-depth analysis when you can focus on the content of the song. You can use coupons to get this discounted software. The program has a special iTunes Search mode that helps you search for iTunes songs by comparing song tags. However, it is recommended that you uncheck all the checkboxes associated with labels and check the checkboxes for the file contents.

Clone File Checker now compares all songs based on their content and completely ignores information from file markers. So the results are very measurable.

Download and install Clone File Checker. Launch the app and click iTunes Search Mode to launch it. ITunes Music Library is automatically added to folders scanned in this mode. Highlight all the fields in section 2 and select a table of contents field. Click Start Scan to start scanning. Click Select Duplicate and select the option you want. Finally, click “Select Action” and choose “Remove All Duplicate iTunes Permanently”. Even after removing duplicate data and actual songs, the items for each of those songs remain in your iTunes library (aka dead tracks).

Click the Remove Dead Tracks button next to the iTunes search heading. Clone File Checker connects to iTunes and quickly lists all your dead tracks. Just select all the tracks and hit delete.

Step 3: Backup the Files

Now you can easily back up your iTunes Media folder to any media. You can also burn DVDs, transfer them to USB, and sync to your chosen cloud service. The default location for the iTunes Media folder is C: \ Users \% username% \ Music \ iTunes, as shown in the section in step 1. Just copy the appropriate folder and back it up for future reference.

So, here I showed you how to back up and delete duplicates of your iTunes data using the three steps above. Let us know in the comments below how this post was helpful.

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