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PS4 pro

5 Things To Do Before You Get A PS4 Pro

If this is your first time setting up your PS4, you will be prompted to activate the system as your primary console after purchase. Activating the system as the primary console allows other PS4 accounts to use apps purchased from the PlayStation Store, enjoy the benefits of a PlayStation Plus membership, and more. For now, whether it’s Pro or just Smart, it’s important to turn it off before upgrading to a new system. This will allow you to share any content with other users of the system. However, only one system can be active as the main console.

So no matter what you do, it’s important to deactivate your old PS4 before choosing Pro. This can ultimately relieve a lot of headaches. However, if you plan on transferring system data, you do not need to worry about this, because the process will ask what data the underlying system will generate.

Storage Sorting

In fact, this only applies to users transferring data from an old system to a PS4 Pro. There is no limit to the amount of data you can transfer in the process, but the more data you have, the longer it will take. To avoid taking too long a transfer process, it’s a good idea to check games, apps, and other PS4 data to see if there is anything you can delete to shorten transfer times.

It is worth removing all games with a physical copy from your hard drive and reinstalling them directly on your PS4 Pro. This is because a hard drive installation usually takes a few seconds. It would also be nice to delete screenshots and video clips. When you win the trophy, your PS4 will automatically take a series of screenshots, which can quickly take up several GB of your hard drive. You can save 15 minutes on the transfer process, but it will take another 15 minutes to test the effectiveness of the new varnish system.

Check Your Saves

If you want your local retailer to replace your old PS4 with a Pro, you need to make sure that all game memory on your PS4 Pro is safe and secure. As long as the tuning is active, it shouldn’t be stressful. This is the correct way of thinking, but it needs to be tested before it’s too late and you waste all of your time progressing.

Go to the”Manage Storage” option on your PS4 and make sure all games stored on your system are verified to be uploaded to your online storage. To check this, select the auto download option and check the games listed here. If you need to load a different header, look at the data stored in system memory and select the saved file to load.

Transfer/ Format

Regardless of the fate of your old PS4 system, you must ensure that all personal and private information is removed before sending it to your new home or storing it in your closet. The old process removed this information from the old system and moved it to the new system, but then reformatted it to be accurate and irrevocably deleted before being sold or stored.

To format and restore your PS4 to factory settings, go to System Preferences and navigate to the Reset option at the bottom. Select it and then select the “Restore Defaults” option. Then erase everything from your PS4 hard drive and restore it to the state you first plugged it in.

Even if you try to keep it for a while, you might accidentally forget it later before you sell it to someone. This may seem like a trivial and overly prudent move, but isn’t it better than taking a chance?

Admire the Views and Bid Farewell

PS4 pro

Before you finally power down your old PS4 for the last time, pop in your favorite game and enjoy the beautiful views that it’s capable of outputting. Reflect on the glorious times you’ve shared together, and the tears shed on your DualShock 4 over that painfully annoying Dark Souls III boss. Not only will going back to your fondest experiences on your PS4 right before moving up to the PS4 Pro make the graphical updates more apparent, but it’s a fun way to bid farewell to the system before you part ways forever… or it becomes the newest decoration at the back of your closet.

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