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Are We All Just Living In A Digital World

Over the past 10-20 years, technological progress in our daily life has increased significantly. Innovation is good. It encourages people to think outside the world and explore new possibilities, but has the explosion of technology we all live in has made us better or worse? Do our kids see a world of endless possibilities or are they online in a scary version of the Matrix?

Mobile Phones

One of the biggest technological explosions is cell phones. Children from generation to generation no longer need to go to the nearest payphone and pay with real money. Now you can not only make calls, but also see them all over the world. You can also use these street messengers for gaming and texting. Wherever he went, everyone saw the shiny object in his hand. However, mobile phones have matured a lot and are beginning to replace real human interaction. Wipe data from your phone for free in seconds and check your social media status. Some cafes allow customers to order and pay for drinks online prior to their arrival. Are smartphones starting to make direct communication with people obsolete? All you have to do is select it and move on. Needless to say, good morning.

Social Media

Social networks, a global online phenomenon, have emerged and entered the daily activities of their users. It also means that you can sit and stare at someone on social media and see their life. Whatever happens in your life, you can instantly share it with billions of people around the world. Because social media has turned into a garden fence or a neighborhood bar where you can hear gossip just by listening to the conversation. These are real-life versions of popular dramas or documentaries that depict the homeless on the streets in many ways. As many have seen, this does not stop people from posting the most intimate things from their daily lives. Bullying doesn't happen once at school. This continues in the world of social media, leaving affected people as if they need to go somewhere. But social media also shows the dark side of harassing and bullying people. like schoolchildren. The problem is that these criminals can hide behind cell phones and control their suffering endlessly.

Computer Games

The world of computer games is huge all over the world, and millions of people play just one online game. This forces content creators to spend as much money on game development as movie studios on blockbusters. Many Hollywood actors now see this as another type of acting talent that provides a lot of voice acting and digital affinity. Even so, competition remains fierce, with the three largest console manufacturers – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – spending millions of dollars to attract gamers. However, other players prefer a "clean" gaming experience that can be achieved on a computer without touching the console. All this energy and money is spent on giving people the opportunity to escape from everyday life. But is the world in which we live so boring and boring that the younger generation has to look for new thrills? For hours, they can be anything from World War II heroes to Jedi Knights. Can the virtual world serve more people than the real one? But for some, it's a natural transition from the past to the technology of the future. Activities like the Boston Quest Room, where everyone has to work together to solve a puzzle, are still fun interaction and tension for many. Until a few years ago, television was a great escape into people's homes, but now it is starting to catch up with computer games. Taking another step in the world of virtual reality, players can feel like participants in the action.

Smart Homes

For many people, cell phones are an important part of their lives. It has no contacts or messages, but it can also store credit card and banking information. These phones are really smart, but intelligence is now reaching our homes. In home hubs like Amazon Alexia and Google Nest, people are now starting to use their voice to control their home. Now, just like in Star Trek, you can use the Home button to play your favorite music or order food to take home. It can also be connected to kitchen lights, stoves and household appliances, so you can control just about anything. This is an evolutionary step. The benefits of this type of home improvement store for seniors and returnees are huge, but not necessarily because they do more. Where will this lead us next? There used to be TVs that had to be played manually, then there were remote controls, and now there are voice commands. Needless to say, he has mind control, right?

There are so many things in this world that it’s time for anyone to pick up the phone and look at the world around.

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