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3D Technology Is Taking Over The Entertainment Industry

If you are to believe the manufactures of the futures high tech toys and gadgets, 3D is the means of the future. Everything is getting ready to be 3-D. TVs are three dimensional and game systems are going to be three dimensional as well as hand held game systems for example the Nintendo DS are going to be three dimensional. Nintendo showed off its new portable device, the DSi 3D to the world and by all accounts, it delivers real results in the 3D Technology. You can even turn the three-dimensional effects off if you desire.

The filmmakers have already been shoving everything down our throats in 3D for the past two or three years and now the television manufacturers and video game developers are trying to do the same. So, do we need everything to be in 3D or is 2 dimensional still okay for us?

Many people are fighting the urge to purchase these new and expensive televisions, and possibly at this time, whereas the majority of individuals are still fretting about real world expenses and having the ability to pay their bills, isn’t the best time to try to make individuals switch to brand new technology.

Then again, the latest high tech has never been for the regular individuals, it was made for rich people with disposable income and do not have to worry about daily expenses. They are the ones that will get to try this newly released technology and if enough of them do, then the prices might be in line when we will be prepared to upgrade in a few years. Nevertheless, the bigger question is; if the three dimensional technology makes viewing TV and movies along with playing games that much greater or even greater at all. It perhaps comes down to personal liking.

If you are the sort of person that loves viewing three-dimensional movies at the theater and you do not mind wearing those silly glasses at home, then you probably would want to give the new stuff a shot. Nevertheless, if you do not particularly care about all that and the glasses give you headaches, then the only thing that you may perhaps fret about is if you are missing an awesome experience by not upgrading.

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