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The Switch is the first console to sweep Japan's game sales chart in 33 years

The Switch is the first console to sweep Japan’s game sales chart in 33 years

Nintendo Switch isn’t trying to compete with the PlayStation 5 in Japan. According to reports from Game Data Library, Axios, and IGN, on August 8th, all Famitsu’s Top 30 Weekly Maps moved up from Super Mario Maker 2s 30 to Minecraft’s Top. This appears to be the first time the platform has removed the list since November 1988, when the list was dominated by the Nintendo NES (based on the NES).

Nintendo previously maintained a list of Japanese games for various platforms. In the early 1990s, the NES, SNES (also known as SNES) and Game Boy solidified their positions. However, it was much more difficult to control the rating in one system.

This is also in stark contrast to the United States. While Switch sells competitive consoles domestically and often does well in game sales (Skyward Sword HD was the top-selling game in July), overall it has performed well in the PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems. Tough competition.

The name reflects Nintendo influence and local flavor, but there is no direct explanation for the whip. Most games from Nintendo (including Skyward Sword and Mario Kart 8) or popular old franchises in Japan such as Monster Hunter, Taiko no Tatsujin, and Dragon Quest. It also helped Japan cope with the largest COVID-19 pandemic in history. People can buy Switch games to keep themselves and their kids entertained at home.

Whatever the reason, the feat suggests why Nintendo isn’t in a rush to upgrade the Switch beyond modest revisions. Its hybrid console is still one of the hottest game systems four years after launch, even in the face of technically superior alternatives.

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