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8 Great Games To Educate Your Kids

Play is the best way to learn. This game is a tool for children to review and learn concepts in a fun way. That’s why we offer 8 fun ways to learn new things. Some ideas for infancy.


Recommended for students aged 11 and over for skiing principles. Players fight first for the “jumpers” (characters) to get to the finish line. This requires relatively simple calculations to be performed to determine the progress of the skier. The game contains basic software constructs such as “axis”,”guitar” and “switch”. This is one of the best things kids can do at home.

Robot wars

Based on a one-off war game. Use the crash zone where players must come face to face to defeat the opposing robot and reach the central square of the playing field first. To avoid this, you need to use sequential logic to execute increasingly complex code. They are represented by cards with instructions for moving the robot. For students 8 years and older.


Multi-user mode designed for first graders, covering basic concepts of computers and programming languages. Learn with all of our easy guides so students see all the information they need to play. The plot revolves around a rocket that must travel in space. Whoever completes the mission first becomes the winner.

On the brink

The main character of this board game is a robot that must guide the player to overcome the difficulties indicated by the colored passage. A step is a movement that is required and selected by the player, who must consider choosing the correct sequence. It can be used from 7 years of age and older, with a gradual increase in complexity.

The coding challenge

This toy is recommended for children from 6 years old among various rope toys for children. Implies a career. Players must choose a character and follow their path using a map that explains basic programming rules to avoid obstacles. The winner is the first to reach the goal.

Code & Go

Ideal for elementary school, this game features Mouse Colby building a maze looking for cheese. First, we need to create the floor on which the action will take place. Build your base, lay walls and tunnels, and put cheese at the end of the path. Next, we need to figure out how Colby will travel from origin to destination. This should be used to create a motion pattern where the mouse can touch the cheese. It is important to use logic for this. Each player has their own basic direction card (forward, backward, left and right, action cards). You can program the mouse by selecting the cards you want to use, inserting them in the correct order, and clicking the arrow buttons at the top. Are mice coming for cheese?

Bits & Bytes

Four “programs” controlled by an evil processor have fallen off the planet and must be returned. This mathematical thinking board game is based on this premise. First, a planet is created in the center of the plate. They are randomly placed around the rest of the tiles below, the hero is in the corner. It consists of one part of the main character (up to four) and another part, which can be a wall, a stub, or a villain to be avoided. With command cards, you need to tell the “program” what to do to achieve its goals without affecting the CPU or server.

Robbery Rally

Besides programming, this sentence is very interesting to do logic and personal thinking. The bass is similar to other basses. The robot must move around the board and perform movements that the player must program. However, the design of the board contains elements that can change the behavior of the character, and since this is a game for two or more players, the rest of the board must be anticipated. .. player. Participant.

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