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7 Live-Action Movies Based On Anime That Are Actually Great

Live versions of popular animated series often have a bad reputation with critics and fans alike. In many ways, live-action Movies (anime) , and other forms of adaptations such as video games and book series face a myriad of challenges in preserving the original storyline. Animation can be considered very dangerous as most fans prefer to save their favorite characters in 2D.

Despite this hesitant audience, the film industry is constantly trying to find the perfect balance between awakening animations and capturing the emotions, actions and stories of these characters. Some of these adaptations are fan favorites and incredibly cult classics, making the transition from anime to live action smoother than expected. What are the best live anime versions worth watching?

Alita: Battle Angel

Live-Action Movies Alita: Battle Angel

Arita: Battle Angel, one of the few times Hollywood has taken an interest in animation and got it right, Arita: Battle Angel is one of the few features in the live-action media world. The film was appreciated by many fans of the original work, and unknown critics. .. Actors. .. The 3D eyes added to Arita also work smoothly. This is usually avoided or rejected by the live performance community.

Ace Attorney

Few young people know the face of Ace Attorney, one of the most iconic games and animated series. This franchise has spanned many areas over the years. Because of this unique and diverse heritage, films must simultaneously reflect the characteristics of film and video games. Needless to say, the results of this amazing live experiment were overwhelming. Ace Attorney was also voted Best Fiction Video. Released in 2012, the film is mainly based on the second and fourth cases from the first film.

Death Note (Japanese Version)

It’s fair to say that Netflix recently released a new version of the Live Death Note, and critics hated it, so it’s fair to acknowledge the alternate version. Japan has released a live version of the famous anime series that focuses on L and Light Yagami. The Netflix version gives me a lot of creative freedom, but the Japanese version keeps the characters on the show and maintains a good relationship with the original stories from anime and manga. Since this release features a general horror genre, this is the original purpose of the anime. Following the original material is often the key to adapting anime fanatics because they don’t stack well with other versions.

Rurouni Kenshin

The first live action series by Ruruni Kenshin was released in 2012. Positive reviews for the film led to the creation of a sequel in 2014. I am looking forward to seeing more films in the future. The series not only honors the original anime and manga, but also lives up to the high expectations of both formats. Much of this is achieved through intense, dynamic gladiator scenes with strict choreography and grace.

Speed Racer

Speed ​​Racer is an old 1960s anime that was also known as MachGoGoGo during its heyday. Old animation lacks instability and little audience interest, but Speed ​​Racer is often considered a treasure trove of underrated films or something of a cult classic. The film first appeared in 2008 and has been regularly visited by many longtime anime fans since then. .. To find out more about its credibility, this action movie has been nominated for several film awards, and a sequel with a full script is now available.


Gintama is one of the most popular anime series among Japanese and Western audiences. Many fans were very impressed with the film and this version of the character and noticed the potential for real action. Fans anticipating another disaster will be amazed at how easy it was to turn Gintama straight into an action movie. .. You will also be amazed at the actors ability to capture the natural movements of famous characters from the original.

Blade Of The Immortal

Although it was not a very popular anime at the time, Immortal Blade became relatively popular as it entered the realm of live performance. The actors are selected according to their roles and perfectly convey the movements of the character. Many fans have noticed that the anime’s original charm is inherited from this format. The near-excessive amount of gore, gore, gunfire, and a stream of supernatural power made this movie a hit. Blade of the Immortal was released in 2017 and should be one of the fictional films for almost everyone. ..the film itself includes the first two storylines of the series.

What are the best live-action adaptations of anime that are worth checking out?

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